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With the elections right around the corner I’d like to share a few thoughts about our current state of affairs.  First, and what I hope is the most obvious, Trump is a moron, a barnacle, a virus.  No matter what misconceptions you may have had before, great businessman, shrewd negotiator, whatever, it’s obvious right now that he is NOT a very stable genius, very far from it.  Not only do I think he’s one of the dumbest SOBs I’ve ever encountered I also believe him to be one of the worst human beings as well.   My point is that Trump is stupid, petty and thinks only about himself, his image and his wealth.  What’s going on in America right now, the attack on truth, intelligence, civil rights-especially for women, the blatant racism, the division of the country, the wealth disparity; these are things that have been in process for decades and are being orchestrated by very intelligent people.  And Trump is not one of them.

He is the circus monkey flinging his own feces, keeping everyone, the media included, entertained and not paying attention to the men behind the curtain.  I’m not 100% sure who those men are although it seems pretty obvious the Koch brothers are two of them.  However, identifying where the power and money is coming from isn’t necessary right now because there’s very little any of us ordinary folks can do to affect them.  But there is one thing that can be done right now that will help slow the deterioration of our country immediately and that is to vote in the next election.  The extremists that have taken over the current Republican party must go, every last one of them, no exceptions.  The Republican party has spent the last fifty years putting players into positions of power waiting for this moment in time, this administration and this president.  If you need to understand their intentions and desires simply watch Trump and how he uses his executive privilege to undermine the fabric of our society and the constitution.  Trump and his complicit party have put the most unqualified people into every post in the US government they could.  Criminals and corporate raiders in positions of power designed to decimate the very agency they control and undermine the people’s belief in honest and effective government all while brainwashing the masses into believing that any kind of socialism is bad and that everybody but Trump is lying to them.  It is a power grab so obvious and so in conflict with the very fabric of this country that any person or politician that can still claim this version of the republican party as their own is either a traitor or just incredibly ignorant.

My thoughts and hopes are this: forget Trump and I’m sorry to say, forget the third of this country that will follow him down no matter how low he goes.  If they haven’t seen enough reasons yet to understand they’ve made a horrible mistake they never will, they drank the Kool-Aid.  It’s time to cut our losses and move on. The rest of us need to make our government do what’s best for the people of this country not just the top one percent, and that includes the third of this country that consistently votes against their own best interest.  We need to start an intelligent, passionate and kind dialogue with the middle third of this country that may still be in play.  Let’s not discuss Trump, he’s simply a diversion.  Let’s talk what has happened to the USA in the last fifty years, especially the last two, where we’re headed and how to fix the damage.   The necessary changes will not be accomplished by the Republican party, this is a fact.  The old Republican party of idealistic conservative American thinking is dead.  Let’s figure out a way for the true conservatives, the ones that believe in this country and its constitution to get their party back.  I believe there’s a solid majority of this country that will vote for an intelligent and compassionate candidate that understands what America stands for, what it’s always stood for and why so many men and women have fought and sacrificed their lives to keep it that way.  We need to actively educate and inform until that majority shows up at our elections and makes their voices heard.  It’s time to ignore the internet trolls, time to walk away from the maga-hat wearing sheep and concentrate on the people that still welcome logic, common sense and facts.

It’s hard to admit this, it’s taken a couple of years, but I am happy that Trump became president.  It took this extreme and embarrassing shit-show, this stain on our history, to expose everything wrong, the ugliness that still festers within our country.  Let’s be honest, our country was founded on the backs of slaves, the theft and slaughter of the native Americans, the broken backs of children workers, our history is far from ideal.  For anyone from this country, especially this Republican party, to claim some kind of Godliness or moral superiority is absurd.  We have come far but we still have so very, very far to go.  When a black man was elected president in 2008 many of us naively thought that the racism and petty nationalism were disappearing, that we were headed in a better, more compassionate direction, but we now see just how alive and thriving this virus is.  This next election needs to be a wake-up call for everyone.  The Democrats are just as responsible, just as flawed but in their own way.  I find it impossible to believe that the Democrats in power were not aware of what was happening for the last five decades, of the devious maneuvers and power plays, but life and politics went on, business as usual.  There were no call to arms, no shouting from the treetops, no wake-up calls.  Our politicians got richer while we, and all of our civil rights suffered.  We need politicians, leaders, compassionate and intelligent, that will look past the circus, look past their own needs and desires and put the citizens best interest first.  I believe we have candidates that can do just that, but they can’t do it without control of all branches of the government.  The good old boy network needs to die…right now.   It’s time for the fresh thinkers, the fighters, the outsiders to take over and kick the morally corrupt, lazy, greedy, useless career politicians to the curb.  I still believe in this country and that beautiful document full of hope and dreams that we call our constitution.  It’s time to find people that are ready to fight for it and put them in positions to make the necessary changes.  It’s time to decide what kind of country, what kind of people we are.  The world is watching.  The time is now.

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