The total infatuation with guns. I just don’t get it. And quite pisses me off.

I’ve had guns for a larger portion of my life than I haven’t had guns. They’re fun. They are. I’ve shot several types of guns, it’s always a good time. It’s a fun hobby.
I don’t hunt, never had any desire. Even if I did it would still qualify only as a hobby, nothing more. Sure, I know a lot of hunters eat what they kill and that’s great. Good for them. But even then, it’s still a hobby. I don’t know of anybody that depends on hunting to sustain their lives. Who knows, maybe people still do in some remote area that doesn’t have a WalMart. I doubt it but who knows.

The problem with guns is that beside being fun to shoot, they’re also really good at killing people, especially innocent people. Ripping big mother fucking holes through us leaving us to bleed out and die. It’s almost as if they were designed to do that. That’s where my issues with guns lie, all the dead innocent people. If we could eliminate gun violence in this country I’d throw my guns into a fire this second. But hey, that’s me. My guns don’t define me, not even close.

For me, the gun issue that we have in this country is repugnant. The NRA and all of their spokespeople are repugnant. The idea that this is an issue in this day and age, in this country is repugnant. Anyone that argues for their right to own a gun to maintain a hobby against the loss of life of so many murdered innocent people have seriously messed up priorities and morals. People that argue that they should have a right to carry an automatic weapon similar to the killing machines used in many of our country’s mass murders is quite simply a dick, a selfish, ignorant fucking dick.

The way I see it, there is no gun discussion, not a valid one at least. Technology in weaponry has made the whole 2nd amendment argument ridiculous. Seriously, anyone that thinks that their most awesome gun collection and their buddy Jimmy could hold off the government and the forces under their control is just batshit crazy. Red Dawn will never happen. The zombie apocalypse will never happen. You don’t need an arsenal of military style assault weapons. Let’s just come right out and say it, you like your guns. You like shooting stuff up. Good for you, so do I. But that’s it, that’s the entire explanation, now shut up and stop spouting on about the 2nd amendment. It’s outdated and no longer relevant. That little piece of literature has been more misinterpreted and bastardized to make people rich and powerful almost as much as the bible.

Let’s play make-believe for a second. Let’s go nuts and consider this crazy, whacked-out scenario, the end of days for all the gun-toting NRA freaks. Forget about automatic weapon bans and background checks. Let’s pretend Obama magically comes back and does manage to take away all your guns. I mean all of them, making it very, very difficult…impossible even to get one. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I know scary, right? What would we do, how would we survive, how would we all know what kind of men we are? Really, what would happen? Maybe deer might get a little cocky. Turkeys could start attacking. Other than that what would really happen? Some of us would lose a hobby, sure. But consider the amount of innocent people that get to live. No more gangbangers shooting innocent bystanders or children playing in their front yards. No more mentally unstable people shooting innocent children in classrooms or movie theaters or concerts. No more parents burying their beautiful children before they turn 6. Murder rates would plummet.

Should the police keep theirs? Probably a good idea. I like the idea of our brothers and sisters on the police force watching over us. And of course, we’ll need to keep an armed military and that’s ok. They all get trained, they swear an oath to uphold the constitution and to serve and defend. I can live with those rules. After all, as the pro-gun argument goes, “you can take away all the weapons and people will still kill each other”. Absolutely true, but a good military and police force should take care of that threat. So, it winds up coming down to this.

Do we, the public, the masses, need guns? Do we really need automatic or semi-automatic weapons? Do we have a right to own one? Is it our fundamental right as an American? Do we keep the 2nd amendment at the risk of more school shootings, more innocent people murdered? I say no. You can argue. But you’re a dick.

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