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Last year when our friend Matt told us that his kidneys had failed my wife Darcie and I both were taken back. We knew it was going to happen, he had told us years ago. Matt had a hereditary disease that would eventually kill him if he couldn’t get a new kidney. He told us all about his “wonderful” new existence. He spent day after day going for tests, going for blood work. He was on dialysis, which for him meant 9 hours hooked up to a machine night after night, sleeping only an hour and a half at a time before the machine woke him up. He told us all about the shit that one goes through day after day when you have a machine keeping you alive. The waiting list for a new kidney was estimated to take about 5 years, if you’re lucky.

We really didn’t say much when we found out. We both just kind of knew that one of us was going to do it. I felt I should do it, I should get tested first. I’m the man right? But she took the ball and ran with it. She has the perfect blood and she’s in fantastic shape so she decided it should be her. She never hesitated…not once. We never discussed if, only when and how. It turns out she was a perfect match. Tests were all done and the results were all positive. It was a go.

Her friends and family were in disbelief, they tried to talk her out of it. Why? Why would you do it? You have kids, what if…what if…what if? They shared all of their own doctors advice against it. Everything that could go wrong was brought up and shoved in her face. Thanks so much for that.
We were scared. We’re scared now. Actually, we’re a tiny bit terrified. She’s doing an unnecessary surgery in Trump’s America. God knows how this will play out. But still she persisted. There really was no other choice. Some people can look at a friend, at a loved one in pain and say, “that sucks but what can I do”. And then there’s Darcie. She knew immediately what she had to do and through all the fear, and there has been a lot of fear, she persisted.

Tomorrow morning we head off to the hospital and Darcie will have a kidney cut out of her and placed into another person giving them another lease on life, another chance to be who they used to be, another chance to live long enough to see his children get married and grow old. Tomorrow my wife Darcie will prove to me and to the world that she is a rock star, a goddess, a force to be reckoned with and just an incredible human being…one in a fucking million. I love you baby and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

gregloudon January 31st, 2018 3 Comments blog
  1. Jaime

    Amazingly unselfish. Nice going Darcie!

    February 1st, 2018 // Reply
  2. Alison

    Good luck Darcie! And you are truly a special person!!! ❤️

    February 1st, 2018 // Reply
  3. Matt Dolick

    Perfect words, Greg! This gift captures the true love and compassion the Darcie has. I will be grateful for the rest of my life. And now it will be a long and healthy life. Yes Darcie, you are a truly amazing person and I will always love you for that!


    February 6th, 2018 // Reply

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