the bully

This is my only post about the election. I promise. A guy named John Pavlovitz said it better than I ever could so this small rant is for those friends and acquaintances of mine that voted for trump only. If you voted for him and I don’t know you, don’t read this and please, don’t respond. It’s not for you. I don’t care what you have to say…I really don’t. Let me be very clear, this is my personal opinion. I am not speaking for anybody but myself, no other liberals or democrats or men or any other group, it’s just me.

First, a little background about me. I like smart people, nice people too. I place smart and nice as two of the most important virtues for any human being. Most, if not all of my friends are nice and smart. If I had to be perfectly honest I would say they are probably much smarter than me, and that’s okay with me. I feel like I’m the shitty house right next to the really nice neighborhood.
With that being said, I can’t stand donald trump. I really, really, really dislike him so much that it borders on hate. There are few people on this earth that I like less. He’s rude, ignorant, petty and just comes across as a real dickhead, and that’s being nice and trying not to use obscenities. I believe he’s completely unqualified for the job and a complete embarrassment to this country. Call me crazy but I’m one of those people that like their leaders to be smart, compassionate, understand how math and science work and to be somewhat qualified. In this case, he’s none of the above. I could spend hours giving reasons why I dislike him but I’ll spare you the details because unless you’ve had your head up your ass for the last year, you know all of them.
Another thing about me, I’m not religious. I’m not an atheist, more of an agnostic. I don’t believe in your god or anybody else’s god but I will gladly and humbly concede that one of you may be right, there just may be one. So because of that I happen to believe, especially in this country where we supposedly separate church and government, that religion and any other superstitious beliefs should not be allowed to influence any decisions made by government officials. I’m not knocking religion, if it works for you great. However it appears that many of our incoming politicians that claim to be good religious people and want to tell everyone else how to live their lives, are not. In fact they seem to be the opposite and are willing to make you follow rules that they themselves do not.

The problem with our new president elect, his v.p. religious zealot and the pack of idiots that are bound to follow them into office is that they, in my opinion, are the largest group of hypocritical, science-denying, ignorant and mean people ever to darken our political hallways…I mean they are just plain bad people..very, very bad people..and stupid. God, I hate stupid people.
Now as a pack, random citizens with this level of self-righteousness and stupidity can be a little dangerous but in political office, especially this level of office, this level of stupidity can be…and I’m sorry to use a religious term but, apocalyptic. The damage they can, and probably will do to this country has me scared and horribly depressed. I just find it very difficult to believe that so many of my fellow Americans don’t care that they just elected a bunch of unintelligent grade school thugs and their idiot ass-kissing friends to run our country.

And this is how you, my republican friends come in to the picture. Trump is a bully, a thug, the kid that has no respect for anyone but himself, talks out of his ass, lies constantly and picks on the weak. And with every thug/punk/bully comes the followers, you, standing behind, giving the thug reassurance that what he’s doing is right, fun, correct. By voting for him you give him credence, you give him the approval to continue on this path, to continue with this type of behavior. I never would have guessed anyone would have gotten behind this guy, there were so many other options but like the saying goes, “shit floats to the surface”. Every republican politician came out and said don’t support him, even George W. Bush said it, yet the people of the republican party stuck with him, chose him to represent them, loudly and proudly said “yes, you represent my beliefs, I am also filled with hate so I choose you to run the whole damn show!”

So this is how I see you, my republican friends, by choosing a bully you become a bully, sharing and endorsing his beliefs, standing behind this crude and vile thing, yelling “fight, fight, fight” as he attacks the smaller and weaker children in his path. To hell with anyone that doesn’t agree, jail them, hurt them, deport them, kill them. Anything goes in a Trump America, everything the constitution is based upon soon to be gone, burn it all to the ground.
And don’t kid yourselves, it’s not sour grapes, you won and we lost, it’s not even close. It’s about thinking that America was moving forward, progressing toward the light, evolving toward a common belief of love for one another. With a trump presidency we, as a society take about ten giant steps/decades backward. The racism and close-mindedness that I had hoped we were moving away from has just been reignited and kicked into high gear. Forget acceptance, forget tolerance or compassion. Forget everything that made this country one of a kind. The time for hiding your intolerance and hate are gone. Let your ignorance shine, go ahead and I’ll share my disgust.

I hope I’m wrong and you’re right, god I hope I’m wrong. I hope he’s not as bad as I fear. I hope he truly changes the system and helps out middle-America like he promised. If that happens then take a bow and say, I told you so. But if he is what I think he is, and does what I think he’ll do it’s not just us liberals but the whole damn country that’s going down.

And yes, it’s all your fault.

  1. Wayne Allen Sallee

    My niece told my sister “You bastards!” on her way to school the next day. The people who voted did so not for their kids but for themselves. We’ve all known that Trump’s real slogan was Let’s Make America White Again! since the beginning. I did.

    I understand why the middle class voted for him. They think he’ll make jobs. That the jobs won’t go to immigrants or non-immigrants. They don’t realize that you have to lay the blame on the employer. The only good thing that came out of this election is that Congress now has to put up or shut up. Pass some real bills.Let’s look back on this in a year.

    Whatever happened to the American Dream? It came true. You’re looking at it.

    November 12th, 2016 // Reply
  2. Alan Ziebarth

    I can only joke at this point. But I will enjoy the shock when the jobs that are never coming back never come back and how the Trumpites will react. And their shock that when after Trump tears up trade agreements and throws up tariffs all of a sudden all the cheap goods from overseas will go away and car and electronics go up at least 25% in price. And with the real possibility of his actions causing a world wide Depression. (And I got those factoids from that famous communist rag The Wall Street Journal.) Schadenfreude will be so sweet. Make America Broke Again.

    November 14th, 2016 // Reply
  3. Wayne Allen Sallee

    I fully agree on the jobs not coming back, Alan. As I continually so to those who bitch (in my family, as well), blame the fucking employers. Blame the business owners. I worked for a printing plant a decade ago after losing my job in the Loop. All I could get, $10.00 an hour through a temp agency. Noon to midnight. The night shift was entirely Hispanic, only one woman spoke English. She had been working there six years and was only getting minimum wage. Even if he got jobs back, I’ll still be blaming the business owners instead of bitching.

    November 14th, 2016 // Reply

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