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I never thought I was a conspiracy nut but from what I’ve been told it looks like I am. Who knew?

Personally, I don’t think I’m a nut. I see myself as an incredibly rational person that has healthy doubts and takes nothing at face value. Cynical? Perhaps, but I prefer proof. Call me crazy but facts are kind of important to me. Does that make me crazy?

Here’s why I ask. Recently I had a conversation with someone who suggested I may be crazy because of my doubts regarding the perceived reality behind the 9/11 attack.

It all started innocently enough with a discussion about the NSA recording anything and everything and what happens to all of that information. His attitude was who cares, if I don’t have anything to hide, if I’m not doing anything wrong than why should I care or worry. Makes sense I suppose, in a kind of naive and childlike way. Since I don’t trust any government, especially one that seems to be full of idiots and religious extremists, ours, I get a little scared about the possibilities of shit going wrong if some professional politician or rich white man needs to further his secret agenda. It doesn’t matter if I’ve done anything wrong or not, if I or any of us can be of use to them, then off we go never to be heard from again. Or worse, what if one of these idiots makes a mistake? Our government making a mistake and arresting or killing an innocent person? Insane you say? Sure, but it could happen right? And the really scary part is that it would all be legal. Well, he thought that was just crazy paranoid talk. As if I didn’t sound loopy enough already I went the next step and admitted that I believe our government was somehow involved with 9/11. That comment broke the camel’s back, it put them right over the top. I was crazy, a conspiracy theory nutjob, ready for the asylum. No doubt about it, I had gone over the deep end.

Why, oh why, does everybody think that every conspiracy theory is the work of lunatics, especially when they make sense? Is it just too outrageous to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe a government, our government or some of our government has their own agenda? It’s not like we’re a bunch of saints here, we never have been. We did kill off most of the Native Americans in disgusting and horrifying ways, including giving them, adults and children alike, blankets laced with small pox. We also lied about the reasons we entered the Vietnam War. So why is it so hard to believe that we would sacrifice a few of our own to gain what the nut jobs in power felt this country needed?

To argue my point I asked him to go way out on a limb, to pretend that he had fallen asleep in the very early 1930’s and woke up in the 1950’s. If I said to him that while he was asleep, one man, a failed and miserable little artist from a bankrupt country, rose to power and convinced his entire nation that a certain group of people needed to be exterminated and soon after successfully murdered six million people. Would he say I was crazy, a conspiracy nut job? And yet it happened. Six million people dead and an entire nation went along for the ride. So why is the idea that one man, a president could have been assassinated so hard to believe, because he was the president, is that what makes it hard to swallow? Or that his own government may have done it? Or is the idea that it’s been kept a secret for so long, that nobody has come out to tell the truth? Somebody would have exposed the truth by now, right? Doubtful. After you watch a president have his brains blown out of his head and all over his wife you are probably less inclined to open up about your doubts and insecurities. Your moral turmoil gets settled awfully fast. You play the game and die peacefully in bed is probably what most people would think. Hell, I don’t know what happened in Dallas but I do know that nothing in that story feels right. And after I watched the towers free fall on 9/11 I thought long and hard about just how expertly they came down, especially when building seven, the one not hit by a plane, fell the exact same way. It just didn’t make sense. My bullshit alarm rang quietly that day but a year later became a deafening roar when Bush announced that we urgently needed to go into Iraq. It was all Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Bin Laden and then suddenly we’re invading Iraq. And now that’s it’s been proven that all of their excuses for going to war in Iraq were bold-faced lies it makes me question the events and how they transpired that much more. I’ll be very clear, I have no idea who or what was responsible for 9/11 but the “official” stories that I was told sound an awful lot like bullshit to me, horribly fabricated, desperate steaming bullshit a.k.a. lies.

I was right there with everyone after 9/11. I wanted heads on pikes. I screamed for vengeance and blood. It was several years later, after all the hate and venom had passed when I saw the footage again, when I noticed all the elements that just didn’t add up, the strange shaped hole in the pentagon, the lack of debris on the ground in Pennsylvania and of course the free fall demolition of building number 7. It’s been over ten years since it happened. My stomach still does flip-flops when I see footage from that morning but as hard as it is to consider the alternative I just don’t believe the story as written. I know a lot of innocent people died that day and I certainly don’t want to make less of what happened to them or their families but take a few minutes and watch the footage again, with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective and you tell me your bullshit alarm doesn’t ring just a little bit. Tell me the unusual circumstances that aligned that day to allow that to happen the way it did don’t just seem a little bit crazy to you too.

This is Loose Change. Watch this video and then come back and tell me I’m crazy.

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  1. Mary Kay

    I too, have never thought of myself as a conspiracy theorist, and I suppose in many circles, I might be considered gullible, too trusting, and one that takes everything at face value. While I have not watched the entire video you posted, I fully intend to, but that will come when I have about 4 hours to stop, fact check, watch, stop fact check, etc. In the first ten minutes of the video, I see nothing that screams “they knew, they were in on it”! I will say this right out of the gates, there is nothing that I wouldn’t put past our government. For the most part, they are a pack of self serving ass clowns. My two questions, though, at first blush, are these: 1) how do you reconcile the proud admission by Bin Laden and Al Quaeda that they blew up the WTC, and 2) what did we gain?

    I suppose one can assume that Bin Laden was a US puppet, with a bio artfully written by someone in the NSA; surrounded by a team of other Saudi puppets made real and vile by the US over the course of many, many years — I mean, even I knew the name Bin Laden on 9/11/01, so he didn’t just crawl out of the Saudi mud on 9/10/01. And with the slow demise of this team of terrorists, one might think that one of the lower level warriors would deny any involvement in 9/11. Let’s face it, if the desire of Al Quaeda was to destroy the US and it’s people, wouldn’t they get that wish, without bloodshed, if they simply stated that they were pawns of the US government and that this was an “inside job”? But rather they proudly martyr themselves in the name of Allah without ever mentioning the fact that they were simply actors in this saga of the fall of America.

    More importantly, what did we gain as a result of blowing up WTC and surrounding blocks? Was this all for Halliburton and Dick Cheney? As I said, I wouldn’t put much past our government, but for every Dick Cheney that made millions as a result of this War on Terrorism, there are 100 that lost everything; each of them almost every bit as powerful as Dick Cheney. Was it for oil? Maybe, I mean why would we be entrenched in some country that has nothing to offer us? It might sound repulsive, and it is, but it’s business. Until the American populace is ready to eliminate their need for gasoline, and more, every item that is made from a derivative of oil (and there are a LOT), we can’t really stamp our feet and say “it’s about the oil”, yeah, it is….. and what? I guess my point here is that I know I’m not better off as a result of 9/11, and I’m not sure I know anyone who is. Did gas prices drop dramatically, nope, they did not. It’s been a game of three card monty since way back in the day — raise prices enough, and all of a sudden, we’re excited to be paying $2.99 a gallon.. “WHAT”? I have no doubt that there are many who benefit as a result of this war on terrorism, but the general population has not, so what did we gain?

    And I suppose I do have one more question… and that is why Jihadi John? If this was an inside job, and these groups don’t really give a shit about the US, and the state of the US, then why are they still so hell bent on wrecking this country? Is this just the residual fallout of the US fucking up Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of the past 12 years? So what did we gain?

    So many questions….. Of course, healthy debate is always a good thing so long as all sides agree to consider and even think about what the other side is saying. For the record, I have never won a debate against a conspiracy theorist. Minds are already made up and typically, nothing can sway those thought processes, but if you only look at the buildings falling, you might align with that line of thought (although the pancake fall makes sense considering the buildings were built over the Con Ed tunnels). Taking it ALL in, going all the way back to the mid 80s and the first attack on the WTC, it isn’t difficult to think that there are those out there that simply want to see us all dead, one way or another, and I don’t think that mentality is rooted in Terra Firma.

    February 24th, 2015 // Reply
  2. gregloudon

    good thoughts. thank you for thinking and commenting.
    why would bin laden take credit? that seems pretty simple to me. he became a superstar that day. nobody attacked the usa like that before putting him alone in his success to bring the all powerful usa to it’s knees. maybe he did it alone, maybe he had help from us, I don’t know but I can understand why he would take credit.
    now what did we gain? us, the people? nothing. we lost. we lost thousands of innocent lives, both in the towers and in the useless wars that followed. we also lost rights. see attached article

    we also lost our innocence that we were safe. our tone changed that day from we’re the usa, we can do anything to please protect us and beware the boogie man is coming. our government put the fear of god into the American people and didn’t let up for the rest of bush’s term. the laws that were passed have given unprecedented power to the government over the American people, powers that have stripped what used to be basic American rights.

    i believe al quaeda to be an organization, similar to many, that needs power and control and uses terrorism to get what they want. claiming ownership of 9/11 gave them believability and power..they don’t have the power to conquer the usa, so they use terrorism to gain what they can, followers, believers and financial backers. saying they were pawns would achieve none of these goals and would be completely dismissed by the usa and it’s people.

    I don’t think it was for the oil…I think it was a matter of rich men and their egos thinking they knew better, that something drastic needed to be done to achieve what they felt needed to shift power and thinking in this country.
    the fact that our entire reasoning for entering Iraq was proven to be lies by the same administration in power at the time makes me very worried for our future. I agree there seem to be a lot of people wishing this country and it’s residents dead. it is not new thinking. I also agree that this philosophy of mine appears far fetched. but you read enough of our history, understand what’s been done in the past, all in the name of god and country and you have to become a little bit more cynical. the crazy conspiracies no longer seem as crazy. listen to some of our politicians speak and you realize they are morons, willing to do just about anything they are told. watch the rich, the filthy, filthy rich seek to get richer at the expense of the middle class and the poor by using an entire political party and tell me there’s a limit to what certain people will do.
    i’ll state it again…I don’t know what happened on 9/11. but the more I read, the more I learn the more I doubt.

    February 24th, 2015 // Reply
  3. Wayne Allen Sallee

    Greg: not railing on your post, but everyone eventually brings up the Loose Change video. Has it ever been updated? This is what I’ve heard; “If the jumped, why were the bodies so far away from the buildings? They should have fallen straight down!” And that person then brings up Loose Change. Another one talks of how they landed Flight 93 in Cleveland, summarily executed the passengers, and torched the plane. Watch Loose Change.

    I think LC is a fine film, whether anyone believes the theories or not. But it would be interesting if the film could be updated, or have a coda. I’m sure there have been advances both pro and con (as you have mentioned to me, drones) since LC first came out. And if it was updated, I’d like for the producers to call out the batshit people comparing their theories about falling people with what they learned from LC.

    Hell, why not just make a follow-up film? It would be different in tone, but the idea of drone technology is mind-blowing. What do you think happened to Flight 93 if there was no wreckage? (I’m really asking now, not speculating). Was it a drone plane that then crashed in a more hidden location, the impact hole at Shanksville already there? Boom. A whole new part of the film. Thoughts?

    Next on the agenda: why is Harry Reid starting to look like one of the lizard people from Orion?

    February 24th, 2015 // Reply
  4. Dan

    AHh and so, let the shit storm begin…..Nice read Greg. Don’t worry though you have good company.

    February 25th, 2015 // Reply
  5. gregloudon

    wayne, it has been updated. but don’t get caught up in everything they say. I don’t agree with everything, not even close. the best thing about the film are the questions they ask. and watching the footage again. just watch the actual footage from 9/11 and see what you see.

    February 25th, 2015 // Reply
  6. Dan

    Just came across this at a uk website and people wonder how you could be a skeptic.

    February 25th, 2015 // Reply
  7. Wayne Allen Sallee

    Greg: wasn’t aware it was updated, but maybe I’ve only seen the updated version. Still, time to go back and check it out again. I agree with the questions they ask, but my earlier comment stands. Some people take their theories too far and then sort of use Loose Change as their induction. I’m trying to think of a comparison with how some people acted after Fahrenheit 9/11 was in the theaters, but I can’t.

    Dan: isn’t it sad that the best journalism we get here in the US is from The Guardian, which is published in London?

    February 25th, 2015 // Reply
  8. Dan

    These two sites discredit loose change and really analyze what happened.

    February 28th, 2015 // Reply
  9. gregloudon

    good read, thanks dan

    February 28th, 2015 // Reply
  10. Wayne Allen Sallee

    Dan: I wasn’t aware of the Hohman Square black site. I dicked around on Google Earth, the place is a black (of course) warehouse about three blocks from the Fillmore cop house (11th District). Back in the 80s, Fillmore was the Englewood of today, people were shot buying newspapers out of the corner boxes. Gentrification to the east changed that, but it is still a shit neighborhood, just not as big or as violent.

    Greg: we can take Kedzie right down to Arthington, a few blocks south of I-90, and go on a photo shoot.

    February 28th, 2015 // Reply

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